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Support Staff

CFG Life Specialist & Contracting • Genie Kiminscki • 515-457-1222 • /

Life Case Design • Merle Boeve • 515-457-1222 •

Life Company Portfolio

*Global Atlanticwebsite -

GAFG Regional VP • Keaton Schut • 515-745-3323

GAFG Benefits Team •

GAFG Advanced Markets • 1-855-887-4487

GAFG New Business email •

PolicyOwner Service •

Customer service Issues •

Commissions department •


*Protective Life -

Regional Internal Wholesaler • Dan Hudgens • 513-362-4844 •

Sales Desk Manager • Tasa Flint • 513-362-4868 • 

New Business Contact • Denisa Lavecchia • 205-268-8861 •

Inforce Illust / Conversion • • 1-800-866-9933 •

Underwiting Bob Buse • 1-205-268-3174 •

Case Status Questions • resourcecenter@protective.comOr• Contact Genie 

*United Life -

Regional Sales Director • Amber Blome • 1-515-341-0848 •

Regional Sales Consultant • Julie Sherman • 1-319-361-1272 • 

*North American -

Underwritier questions • • 1-833-240-8660

New Business - runs through Genie 

AIP - Ind Marketing Org - www.aipma.com1-866-711-2977

for New Business and Contracting • See Genie Kmicinski

for Life Case Design • See Merle Boeve


New Agent Onboarding

Insurance License Study Materials 

Kaplan Financial •  • Go to the insurance licensing tab, pick your resident state, type of license - (Life or Health)  We recommend the basic Online or the Basic Print 

Independent Insurance agents of Iowa  -  www.iiaiowa.comClick on Education/Events, Agent Licensing and then Study materials.


To Schedule the Exam - Type in Iowa Insurance and look for the your course listing You will need to create a web account 

Errors and Omissions Insurance - • 1-800-745-7189

For Registered Reps • You will purchase your E & O through Royal Alliance 

Trainings needed to contract after you have your license 

6 hour indexed training - CE •  www.webce.comthis is required to write business with a company that has indexed products 

4 hour annuity training - Best Interest •  This is required to write annuities at any company (each state has their own)  

Product Specific Training •  - not all - ck with Deann or Genie) All companies will have a product specific training that has to be done before you can write business 

8 hour Long Term Care •  - Only needed if writing LTC products or at companies that sell life insurance that has a LTC rider tha 

Anti Money Laundering • or - If you are a new agent you can either take it via web CE or you may wait until you are appointed & take it with LIMRA 

Registered  Reps  - Anti Money Laundering •    


Commission Annualizaton is Available 

Sales Incentives

Central Financial Group Conventions 

Global Atlantic Leaders Club Covention

United Life Convention trips 

Pekin Convention Trips