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CFG Annuity Specialist - Deann Wood - 515-457-1222

CFG Annuity Contracting – Genie Kmicinski – 515-457-1222


What is an annuity?

Annuities are essentially insurance contracts.  You pay a set amount of money today, or over time, in exchange for a lump sum payment or stream of income in the future.  The type of annuity and details of the particular annuity can determine the payouts you’ll receive.


Annuity Guidelines

  1. Ensure that you are contracted with the company that you write as well as appointed in the state.

  2. Complete the required trainings prior to dating the application:

  1. Anti-money Laundering (AML) or, Registered Representative use

  2. 6 Hour Index Training

  3. Best Interest Training

  4. Product Specific Training – Contact Deann or Genie as they are available on different sites depending on each company.

  5. All contracting questions should be directed to Genie.


Annuity Product Portfolio

Top 10 MYGA Companies


American Life – E App Available (Reduced Compensation on Paper App)

Athene – E App Available                                 

Cincinnati Life

EquiTrust – Mobile App Available

F&G – E App Only

Global Atlantic/Forethought

Oceanview Life

Pacific Guardian

Sagicor – E App Available (Reduced Compensation on Paper App)

United Life


Fixed Annuities – MYGA & SPIA

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Please contact our office for SPIA quotes.


Equity Indexed Annuities – Non BD’s

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Equity Indexed Annuities – BD

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Royal Alliance  CFG Support Staff

Amy Jansen - 515-341-5958

Hannah Behnkendorf  – 515-697-3866



Variable and Hybrid

Please see the approved RA Inventory Sheets below.


CFG RA Top Picks At A Glance

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Approved Royal Alliance Inventory

*Some carriers require contracts to flow thru an IMO, CFG is contracted with Senior Market Sales (SMS).  See Genie for SMS contracting.



RA RILA and VA Compensation Grid

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Royal Alliance Procedures:

  1. All variable annuities require pre-approval. *

  2. All additional deposits into an existing annuity, over $10,000, will need to be blottered.

  3. All indexed annuities require pre-approval. *

*VA and FIA’s – If you are a Royal representative, before you write business, you must first be appointed to the carrier thru RA – can be done through a ServiceNet ticket.



  1. View Current Carrier Appointment

    1. Go to “My Profile” on Royal Alliance V2020 Homepage

    2. Select “Insurance Appointments” under Tools/Utilities

  2. Request New Insurance Carrier Appointment

    1. Create New Service Net Ticket

      1. Select ServieNet Template = Licensing & Registration

      2. Select ServiceNet Ticket Type = Insurance Carrier Appointment

    2. Identify Company & State and Submit


State Registration and Licensing

  • Representative must have their State Securities Registration in the state the client resides in AND their State Insurance License with Variable Lines

    • Process for State Securities Registration:

      • Create New Service Net Ticket

      • Select ServieNet Template = Licensing & Registration

      • Select ServiceNet Ticket Type = State Registration

      • Select State

      • AG = For General Securities Business

      • RA = For IAR/Fee-Based Securities Business

    • Process for State Insurance Licensing

    • Website, please direct any questions to Genie Kmicinski


Most efficient way to write and submit RA New Business is using the Quick Submit program on the Advisor’s Portal.

Quick Submit Process:

  1. Obtain NB# thru eQuipt

  2. Complete Application

  3. Most transfers require a wet signature

  4. Either E-sign or sign with client electronically

  5. Confirm ready for compliance approval

  6. Once approved by compliance, it will be electronically sent to the carrier.

  7. Look for follow-ups from carrier