Access IT Care Package

Access IT Care Package

Independent Agent – In-house

Fee: $35/per computer per month

  •   Safe, secure, and reliable back up for your files/data/etc.

  •   Automatic software/application updates including Anti-Virus updates

  •   Constant monitoring of your entire system

  •   Unlimited remote IT care (anything from questions, diagnosing issues, software

       repair, etc.) for one low monthly price (Mon. - Fri. 8:00 – 5:00).

  •   This does not include hardware, or cost to install hardware/labor, etc.

  •   Anti-Virus Software

  •   Email Encryption (we are in the beginning phases of this)

  •   Central Financial Group email address

  •   SPAM filtering by ControlEmail

  •   Priority Care



CFG contacts Access & gives them agent’s contact info.:

  • Access may need to upgrade the agents computer to Windows Pro if it isn’t already (this is an additional cost – approx. $100)

  • Access will need to install Access Agent

  • Access will need to install AV BitDefender

  • Access will need to set them up with a CFG email address o Access will need to install Microsoft 2013

  • Access will need to map a U:drive to the CFG server



  •   CFG will let Access know the agent needs to be added to CFG’s Monthly IT Care billing

  •    CFG will let Terese, Jamie, Tanya and Sonja know as well for

  •   CFG will add the new agent to Email Group: CFG Email and IT package

  •   CFG will email the new agent the following information:

    • 60 day passport expiration​

    • How to access their SPAM via ControlEmail o How to access their emails via the website

    • Access’ contact information (Phone & Email)